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Afforestation can impact Climate change.

Climate change has brought about catastrophic changes to the world by impacting wildlife, human life by drying up water resources, encouraging forest fire, creating a run for our basic needs.

Afforestation methods can be a great relief and can act as a solution by boosting tree plantation which will result as a solution for the climatic change.

How Afforestation can save the climatic change?

1. Absorbing CO2:

Plants absorb CO2 from the air and release oxygen. A tree can absorb around 48lbs of carbon a year. By doing so, it not only absorbs the harmful gases, it also releases oxygen which is essential for people to breathe and provide a cleaner environment.

2. Protection during Floods:

Tree planting help during floods by holding their roots together and absorbing the water content by slowing down the water force.

3. Encouraging Wildlife:

Well planting trees extensively not only keeps a cleaner environment but also promotes wildlife by giving them home, food and adds to their survival.

4. Keeping the environment cooler during Summer:

Planting trees around the city side can act as a great relief for people in the busy urban areas. They act as a shade and protects the people from the scorching sun during summer.


To conclude, people still need to be enlightened on the importance of planting trees and growing them which not only protects the wildlife and the environment but also promotes a healthy ecosystem.

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